Updating feisty fawn

Updating Ubuntu and installing new apps is now a breeze.

Although Ubuntu has 5 GUI applications that are package-related and that can create some confusion, if the user gets used to them he will never have a problem installing anything on his computer.

updating feisty fawn-88

I would personally go with AIXGL and Beryl instead of the slower-evolving Compiz (after re-writing Beryl's pref panels of course to be more humane/sane).Some of these problems include: the i810 driver would not playback HD video (Xv crashing) if I would not add the Cachelines option in the Xorg.conf, copy/paste from Firefox does not work if Firefox is then closed down (this was fixed last year for Gnome apps, time to fix Firefox too), Gossip does not connect to anything else but (e.g.no gtalk), digicam's RAW files open by default with the wrong applications (only Cinepaint and UFRaw can handle these but they are not set as defaults for the RAW mime types), I have bad AC97 "scratchy" sound with most SDL games (e.g.Another fine moment is that Ubuntu supports suspend-to-RAM (sleep) on my laptop out of the box, although I noticed that once every 5-6 wake ups some stuff can get screwy (e.g. As for battery life, support is not as good as on Windows': my laptop can deliver up to 7 hours of battery life with my 9-cell extended battery, but I get about 5 hours with Ubuntu (with all wireless off, screen brightness low).On the positive side again, the touchpad's scroll wheel is working out of the box, the onboard SD card reader works perfectly, I am now able to select which sound card I want as my main desktop sound card via a GUI and all of Dell's "special buttons" on the laptop (including media buttons, wireless/brightness on/off) are all working out of the box. So far, I am very happy with Ubuntu because most things just work, the desktop looks fabulous and it does what I want it to do without having to dig where each option is (unlike Vista's new control panel).

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