Ocs contact card not updating

The most common problem was introduced in the recent September 2013 update package for the Lync 2013 client.The issue is documented in this support KB article: Presence status isn’t updated based on Exchange calendar in Lync 2013. In my situation, here were the requirements: The above requirements should make it obvious why certain logic was implemented in the tools I created here.First off, how do I get the Buddy list data out from OCS 2007?There have been other issues reported after applying this update, but it has not been determined what exactly the combination of factors introduce the issue.

Here is a sample screen shot of the associated bad Outlook contact used in the example above: In this case the domain name in the Email and IM address fields were different than the SIP address for this contact in the Lync address book.This issue has been around for awhile but can become more noticeable over time.When a Lync 2013 user searches for a contact in the Search Contact box, the contact will show an incorrect Presence state.This might seem like an anomaly but it occurs quite frequently for two reasons: The resolution is simple enough – correct the email and IM address in the Outlook contact and sign out and back in to the Lync 2013 client.This issue was more noticable in the Lync 2010 client because it showed the origin of the contact in Lync.

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