Nod32 not updating server

The were also not able to replicate the issue on their side.

We are running MS Office home & business 2010, 2013 & 2016 which are all experiencing this issue.

To get the latest builds, please navigate to the ESET download section Users of ESET versions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be automatically upgraded after migrating to Windows 10.1.

Mozilla Firefox periodically rolls out software updates to the browser to enhance features and address any known problems or security breaches.

I would ask the exchange hosting company to specifically check the exchange organisation - global settings - transport settings for maximum send size Also check the exchange organisation - Send connectors - open any send connectors - general tab for Maximum message size. NET setting that determines the maximum amount of data that the Web browser can submit to the Client Access server is max Request Length.

Also, check some of your users Mailbox settings in Mail Flow Settings - Sending message size. The max Request Length setting is found in the Web.config file.

You may want to round the value down to allow for overhead, so 50MB = 50000.

Can Concerto Cloud Services help you focus on evolving your application offerings, while delivering the best cloud experience to your customers? - Outlook with Cache off also does not send with the larger attachment, it just hangs.

We recommend having the latest build installed to make sure your ESET solution is compatible with Windows 10. Note: ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium need not be updated, because all versions of this product are compatible with Windows 10 1.

If it's not the hosting company then it sounds more likely to be a firewall setting or if you have mimecast or other scanning services this could be restricting the size. We have already check the firewall and there is no limitation for email sending. We only experience this issue when sending via MS Outlook. My client used MS Office Home and Business and I tried it on my personal computer that have MS Office Professional Plus and that worked find. Strange, Outlook 2010 at least should be fine up to 20MB If the clients are in cached mode, try without cached mode on.

Also, guessing OWA is on the web (external) and outlook is local which means it's a local network issue, which other internet connections have you tried on?

We recommend having the latest build of version 5 or 6 installed to make sure your ESET security solution is compatible with Windows 10.

To get the latest builds, please navigate to ESET download section If you are currently using ESET endpoint solutions that are compatible with Windows 10, then there is no need to upgrade them.

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