Accommodating conflict style

Concealers conceal their feelings and do not work towards resolution of conflicts.

They may be 'feeling swallowers,' 'subject changers' or 'avoiders.' Attackers attack either up-front or behind-the-back.

From here on, the discussion should focus on conflict resolution. Fight, negotiation, problem solving and design are four ways of dealing with a conflict situation. Negotiation is compromise, with a third party playing an important role.

Problem solving entails identifying causes of conflict and removing them.

" Encourage participants to share their experiences of different types of conflict in their organizations.

Show EXHIBIT 3 and discuss the effects of conflicts on an organization.

If that too fails, they may either accommodate or avoid.

In order to prevent undesirable group behaviour, the research manager needs to promote organizational strategies such as establishing a committee of scientists that encourages cooperation.

Other causes of conflict can be communication gaps; personality differences; substandard performance; disputes over approaches, responsibility and authority; lack of cooperation; or competition for limited resources.

Show EXHIBIT 2 and discuss the main conditions which influence an organization towards conflict situations.

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